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Employer Healthcare

Fairos, powered by OccuNet, is a proven healthcare strategy that replaces conventional PPO health plans. Self-funded employers are using Fairos to take control of their rising healthcare costs. We take a proactive approach with medical providers, which results in fewer balance bills, faster resolution, and the best member experience in the industry. After all, healthcare should be a benefit to employees, not a burden.

Save more money

Best-in-Class Member Experience

Fairos members are assigned a personal and dedicated advocate and given access to our online portal that promotes true clarity. Our "member first" culture, guided by our advocates and customized reporting, provides an unparalleled healthcare experience for our members.

Save more money

Save Money

Fairos reduces employer healthcare costs by up to 30% compared to conventional PPO plans. We accomplish this by asking a simple question on behalf of our clients and providers: what is fair when it comes to healthcare reimbursement?

Save more money

Industry-leading Negotiation

For more than two decades, we have built the most sophisticated medical bill contracting team in the country. Backed by proprietary aptitude assessment tests and comprehensive training, our contractors consistently deliver the deepest discounts in every measurable market category.

A sustainable healthcare strategy

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Fairos has effectively reimagined the member healthcare journey by simplifying and streamlining the RBP experience.

What can members expect from Fairos?

Personal Advocate Dedicated To You

There are no robots or multiple points of contact

You will have direct access to a dedicated personal advocate

Providing you with consistent and timely updates that are important to you

Fairos Online Portal

Members have access to our online portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Receive real-time updates where all communication is time and date stamped

Resulting in complete member clarity

No Member Homework!

Removing member assignment packets reduces unnecessary workload on the member

Leading to faster and smoother resolution with medical providers

Taking your healthcare journey to a new level of quality and simplicity

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FairosRx has decades of Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) experience and unique industry insight. Our personalized high-touch service leads to ultimate PBM accountability that is redefining clarity in the pharmacy benefits industry. Improving our members’ health and well-being by providing clean, high-quality, cost-effective prescription benefits is our primary focus.

FairosRx – No Tricks. No Games.

Simple. Transparent. Fair.

True Versatility

We have strategically positioned Fairos and FairosRx to provide medical and pharmacy benefits to our clients, resulting in a more efficient and consistent process for everyone involved.

We strive to make employer healthcare more intelligent, simple, and cost-effective. We understand the challenges brokers and employers face in finding the perfect fit for medical & pharmacy benefit management, so why not work with a partner that can deliver both?

Our clients have the option of combining Fairos (medical) and FairosRx (pharmacy) or simply selecting the option that best fits their needs - this is true versatility!


Supporting Members. Saving Money.